Me:Who's a good boy?
Anonymous: how are you? 


ISTJ: Slytherclaw
INTJ: Slytherin
ISTP: Huffleclaw
ISFP: wizard-vergent (mix of the four)
INFP: Ravenpuff
INTP: Ravenclaw
ESTP: Ravendor
ESFP: Hufflepuff
ENFP: Slytherpuff
ENTP: Gryffindor
ESTJ: again, wizard-vergent
ESFJ: Gryffinpuff
ENFJ: Gryffinclaw
ENTJ: Slytherdor

"Like rain, I fell for you."
- six word story (via explorur)
Anonymous: What do you smell like? I imagine you smell like cotton candy 
  1. Run yourself over to Bath & Body Works.
  2. Look around for Sea Island Cotton.
  3. Find a sample of it.
  4. If no sample, try and sample some anyway.
  5. Put it on you.
  6. Smell it.
  7. Imagine me.
  8. That’s what I smell like.
  9. If no Sea Island Cotton, try and find Violet Lily Sky.
  10. If no Violet Lily Sky, cry.
  11. Because you’ll never know what I smell like.
  12. Buy a candle, because those candles are FAB.


u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along

Anonymous: Do you only show people you trust pictures of yourself or? 

Yeah, basically just my Tumblr friends.

Anonymous: you sound mad 

I’m not mad. I’m not really feeling any kind of emotion. I’m mostly sad, if anything.